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So tonight at Guys and Dolls, I saw this really attractive guy play as one of the leads, Sky. I then realized how much he looks like Darren Criss. He can sing, dance, and act! I think I am in love. JK, but still!

Black Death Eaters?

Trevor - …I wonder if black people can wear dark marks… Or do they just use a ligth highlighter around it?

Me - I do think that black guys can be death eaters, yet I don’t think they use a highlighter. lol

Trevor - …Well, how are you going to see it!?

Me - Why would you want people to see it? People would fear you too much. Mayber that’s why Kingsly is in the Order of the Phoenix… He’s black.

Trevor - Eh, I thiink it’s cuz Voldemort is a ku klux kocksucker. He seems pretty “white power” to me!

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